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Genuine leather and wool soft sole baby slippers and toddler slippers

These gorgeous natural leather and wool soft sole baby slippers are amazing.  They are unbelievably soft, and with their wool insides will keep those precious tootsies nice and warm.  Made from the finest leather and New Zealand wool.

Step 1; Crawling and Cruising. Perfect for babies, crawlers and cruisers.

Step 2; First Walkers. Perfect for babies tentatively taking their first steps. Recommended until your toddler is confidently running (with arms down), or until they grow out of this stage.

  • Fit: Suitable for all foot types
  • Upper: Genuine leather and New Zealand wool
  • Lining: Wool; for added warmth
  • Sole: Soft leather sole; protects feet whilst allowing natural foot movement
  • Closure: Elasticated closure; helps shoes stay on
  • Colour: Please note that colour, and wool density, can vary between pairs 
  • Available in Natural, Pale Blue/Grey, Navy, Blush Pink and Black

Size Guide:
9.5cm / NB: Newborn to approx. 3 months
11cm / Small: Approx 0 to 6 months
12cm / Medium: Approx 6 - 12 months
13.5cm / Large: Approx 12 - 18 months
15m / XL: Approx 18 - 24 months

Please refer to our Size Guide for advice on how to choose the right size.

Our satisfaction guarantee and no fuss returns policy means we'll cover the postage one way, once per order, if you do need to make a size exchange.