Find out how to choose healthy shoes for babies, toddlers and pre-school kids in 5 easy steps.

The shoes they wear in childhood can make (or break) their future foot health.

Neglecting kids foot health invites not only future foot problems, but also problems in other parts of their body, such as their legs and back.

The 5 B’s of choosing healthy kids shoes

So what makes a great shoe? 

Check out these 5 pointers before you buy your little one’s next pair of shoes. 

  1. Kids shoes need to be BENDY
    • The soles on your kids shoes need to be flexible enough to allow their feet to move naturally when they're walking.
    •  Soles should bend to at least 55 degrees. 
  1. Kids shoes need to be BREATHABLE 
    • Kids feet sweat twice as much as adults feet, so be sure to choose shoes made of breathable materials like leather. 
  1. Kids shoes need to be BROAD 
    • Having plenty of room and width in the toe of your little one’s shoes lets their toes spread and anchor, allowing the natural ‘spread’ of their foot. 
  1. Kids shoes need to have BACKS 
    • Avoid buying backless shoes for your little one as they force kids toes and feet to curl as they try to keep their shoes from falling off, and it could lead to them developing hammer toes too. 
  1. Kids shoes need to be BIG ENOUGH 
    • Your little one’s toes should NEVER touch the end of their shoes. 
    • There should always be enough ‘wiggle’ room (at least 5mm for little feet).