Quality baby and kids shoes at affordable prices

Bugalugz is a New Zealand owned, family operated business, specializing in bringing you great quality baby shoes, toddler shoes, and kids shoes; shoes that look great and will last the distance, but that won’t break the bank!

Healthy shoes for growing feet

At Bugalugz we know that parents strive to do what’s best for their children, and it’s important to us that our shoes support your child's development, every step of the way!   Whether your little one is crawling, cruising the furniture, taking their first hesitant steps, or are building confidence walking and running, we have shoes to fit. Learn more about our 4 Step system for helping you to understand which shoes best suit your child as they grow and develop.

Our shoes are known for being comfortable, hard-wearing and long-lasting; perfect for our active, outdoorsy kiwi kids.  And you can be reassured that with our help, you are looking after your child's natural foot development as their feet continue to grow and change.

Save your self some stress, buy online!

Buying baby shoes and toddler shoes online should be easy. It should DEFINITELY be easier than taking a wiggly, protesting, possibly screaming child to a shoe shop!!  Don't inflict shoe shopping on your child, or yourself!! Buy online!  And with our satisfaction guarantee and no fuss returns policy you'll be happy you did!

Our Story

My love for Bugalugz Shoes started back in 2013 when our son was born.  As he started to explore his surroundings, I wanted to make sure his feet were protected.  Furthermore, having trained as a Physiotherapist, I wanted to be sure that the shoes he wore were supportive of his development, wouldn’t restrict the growth of his feet, and allowed his balance and motor systems to develop as optimally as possible. 

I was fortunate to be friends with the original owner of Bugalugz shoes and I knew her vision for the business matched my ideals, so we purchased our first pair of First Walker shoes.  These were perfect for the hot weather (and hot surfaces!), getting out and about into nature, and protecting our son from various creepy crawlies along the way (we lived in Australia at the time, this was a serious consideration!). Both our children have worn Bugalugz shoes ever since, and when I heard Bugalugz was up for sale again in mid-2018, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

We are passionate about bringing you the best quality shoes, that support your child's development, and supply them at the best possible prices!

 If we can be of any help, please get in touch

Steph Wilson