Walk Of Fame

Bugalugz Walk of Fame!

We love our shoes!  What could be better than sharing them with everyone!  So just email a picture of your little one in their favourite Bugalugz shoes to info@bugalugz.co.nz, give me permission to post it on the site/Facebook and you could see them on our Bugalugz walk of fame page.  To make this even better, once a month we will give away a pair of shoes to our favourite picture - awesome...  Don't forget to like us on facebook: Bugalugz Facebook Page 

Toby and his Croc Me Up by Moccis    

Toby in his Croc Me Up Moccassins by Mocciss        Felicity rocking her pink Summer sandals

Lily in her Grasshoppers - cute!!               Scarlett and Zara in Pink Petals

Isla in her Sweeties -                                   Eve in her Babushka Boots, just in time 
I think she's the real sweetie!                      for the snow yesterday :-)

Nick goes Beep Beep                         Zara shows off her Anklebiters :-)

       Leo in his First Walkers      
Alyssa in her slip ons                Leo in his first walkers

Tameka in her Bluebells                Ariella in Petals

Ali and Daniella in boots                       Charlie in Grasshoppers


September 02, 2018 — Stephanie Wilson